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There have been two announcements made recently about the official name for the new high school and dates for the final farewell.

Firstly, the name for the new high school will be called BERNIE CUSTIS SECONDARY SCHOOL. The school board gave the students of Delta and Sir John A. Macdonald the opportunity last June, before exams began, to voice their opinions. The three names that they chose were: Bernie Custis, Scott Park and Trillium. The school trustees took the student’s choices along with public opinions and determined that Bernie Custis was the popular decision to make.

Finally, Delta’s closure steering committee, which they refer to themselves as “celebration committee”, have approached the alumni association for our opinions as to how we feel the closure weekend should be planned. We have presented our suggestions for what we would like to see happen for that weekend and they are currently being discussed by the school’s committee. The school has announced that the final farewell weekend will be on FRIDAY MAY 24 and SATURDAY MAY 25, 2019. This will be on the weekend after the May holiday weekend.

Once further details are made for this event, I will inform everyone as soon as possible after I receive the information. The dates have been released because we wanted to provide as much advance notice as possible so that alumni, who live outside of Hamilton, can make proper travel plans if they intend on being at the event.

12th Annual Wall of Excellence Induction Dinner– School Cafeteria 1st Floor - Friday October 26, 2018 5pm

We are pleased to announce the 2018 inductees and hope that you will join us when we hold our annual induction ceremony and dinner to formally induct them into the Wall of Excellence. The details of the menu and ticket form are on the left hand side of the Wall of Excellence page. As usual, the first hour will be a chance to socialize, view the Wall of Excellence cabinet and visit the Alumni Room in the tower.

The 2018 inductees are:

ROBERT MORRIS (1942 – 1947)
KEN HALL (1944 – 1950)
JAN LUKAS (KOPPANG) (1963 – 1967)
LUCY CIURIAK (1967 – 1971)

Annual General Membership Meeting – Staff Room 1st floor - Tuesday January 22, 2019 - 7 pm

This will be our 17th and final annual general membership meeting for members of the alumni association. At this meeting you will be provided with a review of what took place in 2018. Elections will be held for all positions, including President, and members in good standing are eligible to run for any position they may be interested in. Normally the term of office is for one year, however since the school will close in June 2019, the people elected at this meeting will serve until the school closes in 2019. If there is a decision to carry on the association beyond the closure of the school at the AGM, those individuals who were elected will have a choice to either continue in their position until another AGM is announced or resign immediately on July 1, 2019.


(Joe Nadel retrieves the capsule that he and Bob O’Hoski put into the ground 50 years ago. Picture taken by John Rennison, Hamilton Spectator)

382 alumni on the front lawn and 25 alumni watching the live broadcast from the teacher’s room witnessed the raising of Delta’s Centennial time capsule on Friday May 26, 2017 (which was exactly 50 years to the day that it was originally lowered.)

The auditorium was close to capacity with alumni, current staff/students, honoured guests and the media watching the behind-the-scenes video of the exhumation of the capsule and a slide presentation of life back in 1967.

Some of the contents of the capsule were presented as part of the assembly with the remainder on display for all to see in the cafeteria after the presentation. The opportunity to walk the halls again, reconnect with former classmates and reminisce about their time at Delta made this event one of the most well attended alumni events since the 75th reunion in 2000.

In total, we had approximately 750 people in the auditorium, 25 people with disabilities watching the broadcast in the teacher’s room and close to 2,000 alumni watching the broadcast over the internet from all over Canada and the U.S.

The spirit of the school was at an all-time high and everyone left with the experience of a lifetime. What a fantastic day that was!

About the Delta Alumni Association

After the 75th Reunion in May, 2000, a number of Alumni were inspired to establish the foundation of an Alumni Association. A Musical Night in February 2002 was presented to display the musical talents of the present Music Department students and Graduate/Volunteers and also to generate interest in order to create our very own Alumni Association. On April 15, 2002, the Delta Alumni Association was formed.

Since that date, the Association has hosted a variety of events to help raise funds for equipment and materials needed by various school departments. The elected volunteer board meets every second month during the school year to manage the affairs of the Association, plan goals and to co-ordinate upcoming events. The Association holds an Annual General Membership Meeting in January when the current membership is given an update on the state of the Association, an opportunity to run for an elected position on the Board and above all, it gives the membership a voice in how they would like the Association to continue.