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The Delta Alumni Association has established a Wall of Excellence to recognize Delta’s outstanding alumni who have brought honour to the school through their achievements, accomplishments and/or contributions to society. Their vision, leadership, commitment and creativity will serve as a reminder and inspiration to the current students that will make a positive difference on what they might be able to accomplish for themselves in the future.

The idea and vision for the Wall of Excellence came from Russ Evans, who was instrumental in the building of the wall and organizing the inaugural induction dinner in 2007. Russ also believed that the alumni association should pay for the construction of the wall outright thus giving our association complete ownership and pride, which is exactly what the association did.

The Wall of Excellence is located on the second floor of the school directly opposite the main office.


  1. Nominees must have been a Delta student for a minimum of two (2) years.
  2. Selection Committee may consider nominees with less than two (2) years if requirements above are achieved.
  3. Nominees are selected based on the requirements above and the inspiring life that the person has led.
  4. Only Delta Alumni Association members can make nominations for this award.

Four inductees will be selected to the wall in each of the first two years. (2007 and 2008) In 2009, we will re-evaluate the number of inductees selected per year. The induction ceremony is usually held in October, which involves an afternoon assembly for the current students and an evening dinner/social for the alumni.

Please use the nomination form on the left side of this webpage, duplicate the form and send us as many nominations as you wish. The more information that you can provide for the Selection Committee, the more you will facilitate their job. All nominations can be sent by regular mail or by email to either info@mydeltaalumni.com or Russ Evans revans@cogeco.ca All nominations that are received will be kept on file for future years.

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